Túra A rezervace

We will meet in the city centre at a place called “Náplavka” (next to tram station “Výtoň”). We will get set on our scooters and ready to go. Our first spot will be “Vyšehrad” which is not very known “second” castle in Prague. By many visitors it is considered to be more attractive than the main Prague castle, mainly because of the view and lack of tourists. We will walk around and spend around 30min. there. Our next stop will be “Karlštejn” which is an amazing castle built in the 14th century. To get there we will drive alongside the river and through nice little villages and beautiful countryside. It will take Reservation about one hour. Once we get there we will park our scooters and walk up to the castle through a walkway with mediaeval shops, souvenir stores and food stands where you can buy some refreshments. You will be able to visit inside of the castle if you want. There is an extra fee.. All together it will take about 90min. Than we will get back on our scooters and head to a typical Czech restaurant for lunch. After lunch we will head to our last stop which is known as “Czech Grand Canyon”. It is just about 10minutes drive from the restaurant. We will do a little walk there and then drive back to Prague. The whole adventure will take about 6,5h. Because we will be traveling on scooters you will have an opportunity to visit many interesting places outside of Prague and will see how you will be connected with the nature. And also take amazing pictures and instagrams.


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